Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Starr Ave Burger - Starr Burger and Onion Rings

I stopped by Starr Ave Burger (900 Brock St N. in Whitby) last week for a burger and rings. Starr Burger has been my go to place since I moved into the area last year. I have found them to serve consistently solid burgers and onion rings. They are very similar to Shamrock Burgers which I reviewed a while back.

I had the Starr burger combo (with cheese and bacon, an additional $0.50 each) onion rings and a fountain drink which came to just under $10. The Starr burger is their version of the homeburger. A pre-formed steakette can be had for a lesser price.

As I stated earlier, I've been to Starr Ave Burger quite a few times over the past year. It's always busy which is a good sign. The last couple of times I've been, the burger patties have been par-cooked and taken from a warming tray on the grill and finished to order. Again, I am disappointed that places have started doing this. I know you want to get orders out, but, c'mon! Does the extra couple of minutes it takes to cook a patty on order take THAT much longer? The guy that operates the grill does a great job, he had a pile of patties on to par-cook while getting out multiple orders of homeburgers and steak sandwiches.... Save yourself the headache, cook on order!

Anyway, onto the buger.... I ordered my Starr burger with bacon, cheese, sauteed onion, hot peppers, pickles, mayo and mustard. Despite the par-cooking the patty was cooked very well, it was still very juicy and actually made the bottom of the bun a little soggy. Ok, I can somewhat forgive the par-cooking if it's still got moisture, Jetsun Juicyburger take note! The beef was a fine grind and well seasoned. The lightly toasted bun was fresh and soft, unremarkable, but, did the job well.

Please excuse the pictures, I didn't realize how bad the glare was until I looked at them on the computer.


The onion rings are hand dipped and can be best described as 'donut onion rings' as I find the batter they use makes the rings look like and have a similar texture to a donut. They are pre-cooked and then fried again on order. The only issue here is that depending on the thickness of the batter, the coating on some remains soft, others get pretty crunchy. The onion inside seems to melt away with the double fry as well. You end up with a decent ring, but they would definitely benefit a single fry.


The fries at Starr Ave Burger are very solid as well. They are house cut and double fried, I feel they could use a little longer in the oil. The fry cook needs to be a little more selective as to what gets served, check out the nice black spot on that top fry......


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Anonymous said...

Based off the food saftey infractions & convictions this burger joint has racked up over the years i won't be eating at Starr Burgers anytime soon.