Thursday, February 14, 2008

Shamrock Burgers

I had the craving for a burger this afternoon so I hit Shamrock Burgers (6109 Kingston Rd) at the Highland Creek Overpass. I have been a customer of theirs since I was a teenager many moons ago. I have always been impressed with their homeburgers, and today I had a home banquet burger and onion rings. Their regular burgers are a bit cheaper but they are preformed patties and not as flavourful.

The home banquet burger ($5.45) is a 7 ounce home made patty, bacon and cheese on a sesame seed bun. I added onions, pickle, lettuce, hot pepper, mustard and mayo. The beef is nicely spiced and had a wonderful texture, not much filler if any at all. I chose onion rings ($3.25) as the side. They are not traditional rings because the batter is rather thick and crunchy, almost like a fish and chip batter. They are fairly greasy but I guess that is to be expected.

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Cheryl said...

Oh man, I love Shamrock Burger's onion rings. I order them extra well done and they are hard and crunchy (not the popular choice, I'm sure). We must have crossed paths at some point...I rode my bike to Shamrock many times in the 70s before I moved away.

CeeQueue (on CH)