Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pete's Big Bite Burgers - Cheeseburger and Rings

I've driven past Pete's Big Bite Burgers (817 Dundas Street W, Whitby) quite a few times in the past. It looked well decorated and funky with a classic diner theme so I decided to check it out.

On the menu was a 4oz cheeseburger ($3.75) and onion rings ($3.35). The burgers are flame-broiled which is my preferred cooking method, because, in my opinion nothing gives meat more flavour than a lick of flame. Upon witnessing the burger getting tossed onto the grill I immediately wanted to cancel my order.... A steakette similar to a commercially available Schneider's product was the meat of choice. UGH!

I avoid chains in order to support the local guy, the mom and pop places in hopes of some home cooking. For these guys to bust out a steakette nearly made me shed a tear.... The burger once assembled was pathetic. My lettuce, pickle, onion, mustard and mayo overshadowed the meat by a wide margin. The patty was thinner than the bottom of the Toronto Bread style kaiser bun. In fact, the patty didn't come close to reaching the edges of the bun. It should be renamed the Pete's Big Bite Failburger.

The onion Rings were once again standard pre-manufactured onion rings. Just plain lazy.


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