Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Zunzi's - Multicultural Sandwiches

While on a tour of Savannah I looked for a place to grab a quick bite while wandering around. Zunzi's (108 E York St) seemed to get a lot of positive word of mouth both from reviews online and especially from the folks at the front desk of our hotel. At that point it was a must try.

We stopped just after noon and there was a line out onto the street. It seemed a little confused and one poor girl seemed to wait forever for a burger to arrive. Saying that, the line moved quickly and we placed our order, a Conquistador ($8.50) and a Godfather ($9.80).

The Conquistador comes with freshly sliced baked chicken with lettuce, tomato, and special sauce on a demi-baguette. The Godfather comes with the above with the addition of homemade Boerewors (a South African sausage) parmesan and tomato sauce (I declined the tomato sauce).

At first I wasn't sure about the price of these sandwiches, at almost $10 each I wasn't sure I'd get value for the money. When they were being prepared I was very impressed. The owner was slicing chicken breast and sausage to order and the sandwiches were huge. One thing I've noticed about many places in the USA, you don't usually want for quantity.....

The sausage was very tasty although a little crumbly, cloves and allspice were the dominant flavours. The chicken on both sandwiches was very moist and flavourful. The special sauce seemed to me to be a watered down version of Caesar dressing but was nice nonetheless.

What I really liked was the owner's repeated chiding of his employees for not laying the lettuce on the bread properly. If he takes that much care about layering lettuce I'm sure he takes the same care with the rest of the preparations...

I was stuffed after my sandwich and would definitely head back to try other things on the menu if I'm ever in town again.


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