Thursday, December 17, 2009


Another burger chain I have frequented in the past is Fuddruckers. I visited the Amherst location (4300 Maple Rd) last week during my stay in the area. Again, I try and avoid chains, but, when they do something well I have to give them credit.

*Please note* As of March 2011 this location has closed and there was a For Lease sign in the window. It always seemed busy, I'm wondering if they found a new location?

I had the 1/2 pound original burger combo with American cheese ($8.99) on this visit. They offer to cook to order which shows confidence in their product. I get mine medium well anyway so this isn't a huge issue for me. The burgers are griddled and arrive with a slight char on outside. The meat is always juicy and flavourful. The buns are fresh and soft, topped with sesame seeds. A nice addition to the burger.

The side in the combo is wedge fries, they are cooked from frozen and are then hit with a seasoned salt, they are fine but not anything to rave about.

What I like about Fuddruckers is that you get to dress your burger yourself from a condiment bar. You're able to dress the burger to your exact specifications. I chose lettuce, onion, pickle, hot peppers, mustard and mayo. I usually like to get nacho cheese from one of their dispensers for my fries, but, the last couple of times I've been they've been empty, cost cutting or lazy employees? You can see a tiny drip of the cheese on my fries in the pic below....


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