Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Charlie the Butcher - Beef on Weck

I stopped by Charlie the Butcher (1065 Wehrle Drive) in Williamsville NY for a beef on weck ($5.65). What's a beef on weck? I explained it in my review of the Bar Bill Tavern.

The hand-carved beef was perfectly cooked but was on the tough side. I had a tug of war going on with this sandwich and often slices of beef pulled out because I couldn't bite through them.

The bun was fairly average in my opinion as well. It seemed like a hamburger bun topped with rock salt and a tiny bit of caraway. It's a shame because many see Charlie the Butcher as serving the best beef on weck in Buffalo. I can't agree on this one. Bar Bill easily topped this sandwich with their excellent roll and tender beef. I'd even rank Anderson's beef on weck ahead of this one.....


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