Thursday, December 17, 2009

Duff's - Buffalo Wings

On my last food stop during my stay in Buffalo I had to end it with Buffalo wings. In my opinion nobody does it better than Duff's in Amherst NY (3651 Sheridan Dr).

Whenever I go I get the same thing - 20 wings (medium), large fries, and a large pitcher of Diet Pepsi ($21).

The wings are classic Buffalo style, very large, fried until crisp and served tossed in a buttery vinegar and hot sauce (Franks Red Hot more than likely). Some complain they're too vinegary, some that they're too salty, I find the flavour here to be the gold standard for Buffalo wings. I've been going since I was a teenager some 20 years ago and still try and head back whenever I can.

The fries are frozen shoestring fries and are again, nothing special. You do get a massive pile of them in this combo. I dip the fries in Duff's excellent blue cheese dressing, a mild dressing teeming with chunks of blue cheese. I always make sure to order an extra container of it ($0.80) so I can take a fresh one home with my leftover wings.


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