Friday, November 21, 2008

Highland Fish & Chips

Today I was in the mood for fish and chips. I hit up my local standby, Highland Fish & Chips (3357 Ellesmere Rd) for a takeout order of cod and chips ($5.55). I have been a fan of Highland since the late 80's when I moved into the area. The folks who run it are super friendly and very efficient considering the volume that they seem to be pushing through whenever I stop in.

I used to get the halibut but they've raised the price quite a bit over the last few years (I believe it's $7.65) per order and I refuse to pay it. They also serve haddock for $6.65 per order. Saying that, they are still one of the more reasonable shops around.

The cod fillet this afternoon was reasonably thick and of a substantial size, something I've noticed they are a little inconsistent with recently. The batter, as always, was not overly thick but is a hint oily. It's got a decent crispness to it but doesn't have an extreme crunch like that from Malt 'n' Salt (see my earlier review). The fish itself was sweet and moist although it was a little mushy. The fries are hand cut in the store (I believe they're Yukon Gold). They aren't super crisp (notice the lack of browning in the pics) and have a nice fluffiness to their interior. Highland makes a very solid fry, not the best I've tried but very nice.

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