Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Montreal Fries - Steamies and Poutine

I've been to Montreal Fries (36 Simcoe Street North) in Oshawa a few times in the past for Montreal style steamies and poutine. I had a craving today and decided to pick up one of their combos: 2 steamies, a regular poutine and a pop for $8.50.

I got the dogs done 'all dressed' which comes with cabbage, relish and mustard. It's a unique combo that works well together. The cabbage seemes to have a bit of a tang and is accentuated by the vinegar in the mustard. The relish adds a bit of sweetness.

The poutine is not made with gravy but instead uses poutine sauce which is a bit thinner and has a little more zip than regular gravy. The size of the portion is very generous and it's teeming with melted cheese.

Other than being a little difficult to get to because of one way roads in the area, and the lack of real parking, it's a nice little takeout shop. The owner, Wes always seems to have a smile on his face which is a nice touch as well.

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Anonymous said...

I love the steamiest. Since moving from Montreal I have the craving . But alas where in the London Ontario area can a guy buy a good steamiest???