Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pizza Pals Pub & Pizza - Panzerotti

I had a craving for a panzerotti and after reading favourable reviews of a place in Ajax, I decided to try it out. It's called Pizza Pals Pub and Pizza (46 Church Street South) a name that to me conjured up a fun little pub. It really isn't. It's more of a pool hall/bar with a pizza oven than anything else. I even rubbed shoulders with a couple of workmen having a liquid lunch as I was waiting for my order.

I got a panzerotti with pepperoni, hot sausage, and hot peppers and a Diet Coke which was just under $12. It was made by a friendly woman who was running the whole show (aka doling out beer and slices to a few people who I assumed were regulars).

First off I'll say the thing was huge, I can pack away the food but had to leave almost 1/2 the crust. The crust was very nice, crisp and tasty (I had it fried, not baked). The fillings were fairly average. The pepperoni was fine but the sausage looked like and had the texture of Polish sausage. The hot peppers were somewhat bitter. The sauce was nice and tangy.

I will return to try a pizza, but the panzerotti I had, although enormous didn't have the flavour I was after. The dough and sauce were excellent, the fillings were average at best. If they switched to crumbled hot sausage I would be so much happier.

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