Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sinatra's Italian Sandwiches - Meatball Sandwich

I had a meatball sandwich from Sinatra's Italian Sandwiches (944 Simcoe Street N) in Oshawa the other day. I've been a few times before but had never tried anything except the veal sandwiches which are very good.

The meatball sandwich ($6.25) as their other sandwiches are served on crusty kaiser rolls. They add their home made sauce to the sandwiches as well, it's a nice sauce but it's a little too acidic and lacks balance and much flavour other than slightly raw, canned tomato. It needs something to knock down the acidity and at the very least a little more garlic. I find they add too much sauce, making the bun soggy. I'll have to ask to go light on the sauce next time.

The meatballs were huge but compressed when I ate the sandwich, I'm assuming they are loosely formed before cooking. They have a high moisture content which probably helps them crumble. The spicing was very nice, but I thought it could have used a tiny bit more salt. This was easily remedied by a couple of dashes from the nearest salt shaker. I guess it's better to under salt than over salt.....


Tuti said...

I agree about the sauce making the bun soggy, but I also like to add they could make the sauce a bit more flavourful. I find it to be a bit on the bland side as far as homemade sauces go.

eStomach said...

tuti, I agree. I omitted a comment about the sauce. I have edited my post to address the sauce issue.