Monday, May 26, 2008

The Chipmunk - Poutine

Well, it's summer time and that only means one thing..... Poutine? Well, I have a favourite chip truck that I have been hitting for years which is on the way to the cottage. It's called the Chipmunk and is located at the intersection of Highway 7 and Highway 2 in Manilla Ontario. I had a medium poutine ($5) and it's more than enough for one person, I love to eat and I usually have to leave a little to share with my Springer Spaniel. The beef gravy is of the typical prepackaged variety but it isn't overly salty or runny. The chips are cooked to perfection. They use authentic cheddar cheese curds which are usually generously applied. They have a nice melt while still retaining some of their shape. Value for the money is great, and it's one of the better poutines you'll find anywhere in Ontario.

Author's Note: Since writing this review I have tried some of the other food items on the menu at The Chipmunk, it's not very good. The fish sandwich is made using a pre-made industrially prepared piece of fish and the burgers are steakettes, cheap bland and very ordinary (bordering on bad). Stick with the fries and poutine.

Author's Note #2: The gas station that shared it's parking lot with The Chipmunk closed in September/October 2010 and the Chipmunk closed it's doors at that location. It has reopened in Lindsay as Rick's Cafe & Grill. I will try it and update this post when I do.

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