Saturday, September 22, 2012

DineSafe - Keep Informed

I recently had a blog post up singing the praises of a bakery in the east end of Toronto. For fun I checked their DineSafe history and was shaken. I've eaten from this place many times and it had suffered numerous offences from inadequate pest control, protection of food from adulteration and contamination, selling hazardous foods at internal temperature between 4 °C and 60 °C, and failing to wash their hands before commencing work.....  This was just a few of their citations, and the same ones popped up on three separate inspections!

These are pretty basic food safety issues, the last two are pretty basic even for non chefs, cool your food quickly and refrigerate it if it'll spoil, and wash your damn hands!

I have never been sick eating there, and until I read their history, liked what I'd eaten. I just can't support a place that gets fined continually for the same things. It's a shame, after repeat inspection they'd go from conditional passes (yellow) to a pass (green) so they know what to do, I'm assuming they're too lazy to keep it up.

Keep informed:

In Toronto look at DineSafe before you dine.

In the Durham Region check out DineSafe Durham.

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