Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shake, Rabble & Roll

Located at 939 Dundas St W in Whitby, Shake, Rabble & Roll has piqued my interest many times as I drove past. Inside it's done up like a 50's diner and has car meets in their parking lot on occasional summer weeknights. Today I decided to stop in.

My order was the Rabble Burger & fries combo with bacon and cheese added to the burger. The Rabble Burger is a homemade 6oz. patty which is flame broiled. It's pressed thinly and cooked from scratch (thank you for no par cooking!) The bun is a kaiser style bun which many places use and is lightly toasted on a flat top beside the grill. When the buger was ready I chose to add lettuce, onion, pickle, hot peppers and a chipotle mayo. They use real shredded cheddar which is another huge plus.

The fries are hand cut but could use a little work. They were very blonde and occasionally had a slightly raw interior texture to them. I don't think they use Resset potatoes for their fries, a personal favourite of mine.

Overall the burger was very well done, it was juicy and very flavourful, the outside had a nice char which you really only get from flame broiling. It was what I affectionately call a Greek burger, a burger flavoured with onion, garlic, oregano, pepper and mixed right into the meat. Shamrock Burger, Big M Burgers, The Real McCoy in Scarborough are similar in this regard. Purists may want to taste meat alone, I love and welcome the change.

The ladies behind the counter were super friendly and made us feel very welcome. We'd go back for the great burgers, better fries can be found at Buster Rhino's and Starr Burger. At least they're making the effort and not cooking frozen fries!


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