Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cyrus Persian Restaurant - Shawarma

As the old saying goes, another day another Shawarma. Well, at least in my books. This is my sixth or seventh shawarma review in the blog. Diversify? Me? Bah!

Cyrus Restaurant (563 Ritson Rd.) in Oshawa is in a totally non-descript building (which I believe used to be a house). I have driven by it dozens of times and never realized it was there until I actually looked for it. Upon entry I was hit with a wonderful aroma of spices, which I likened to entering and Indian food restaurant. It's a modest little place with tables in dining areas to the sides of the entrance and a hallway leading to the kitchen in back where you place your order. I looked around at numerous dinner options of various stews, kabobs, falafel and shawarma plates which I will have to try one day. The shawarma options were chicken and beef, one of each please! The cost for two was $8.99 before tax.

Each meat was cut right from the spit and placed onto a fresh pita with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, garlic sauce, tahini and hot sauce.

The flavour was a mix of Persian and Lebanese, less curry than those at Shiraz, and a little more like those found at Nasib's in Scarborough. The spicing on the meat was subtle, there was a flavour I recognized but couldn't pick out off the bat. I'll have to try them again. I enjoyed their version of hot sauce, it packed heat that lingered, but, didn't overwhelm. Both the beef and chicken were tender and very moist. The beef had a rich, beefy flavour similar to those found at Shawarma Empire. I'm not sure what they use (blade perhaps?) it's got a great flavour from the meat alone.

The shawarmas were generous and tasty but were pricy at $10.15 after taxes. I realize they don't have the competition, but, at $3-$4 more than the Lawrence strip for a comparable meal, it leaves the wallet a little sore..... Overall they are the best I've tried in Durham to date, but, still not quite up to par with the Lawrence strip (although, not too far off).


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Nikki said...

You are awesome, Chris! Not only because you love shawarma (like me) but you agree with my taste buds haha. Cyrus indeed is the best shawarma in Durham Region right now.