Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hooksey's Fish & Chips - Halibut & Chips

I have been to Hooksey's Fish & Chips (3050 Garden St.) in Whitby a couple of times in the past. Hooksey's is unique in that they only serve halibut, no other fish is available. A single order halibut and chips is $9.50 which at first seems a little outrageous for a takeout order. The size of the halibut fillet is one of the larger pieces I've seen which makes the price a little more, ahem, palatable.....

For lunch I took an order to go. The fillet, while large (possibly 6 to 8 ounces) was quite dry. Strands of halibut ended up wedged between my teeth which I haven't experienced with halibut before. The batter was very nice, crisp, not too thick and only slightly oily.

The fries were also a let down. In the past they've been fresh and crisp, lightly browned and tender inside. Today they tasted leftover, were pale and limp with barely any crispiness and a dry interior texture.

If this had been my first try I probably wouldn't go back. I will give them another chance based on previous experiences. If today was an indication in the direction the restaurant is taking, I'll have to give up on their fish and chips.


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