Monday, May 7, 2007

My First post

I often wonder to myself "What do I want to do for lunch/dinner?" I love to try new cuisines and vary where I eat in order to try new places, but I hate to spend good money on crappy food.

I consider myself a decent cook so I'm often disappointed when I pay for a meal I know I could have prepared much better myself. I've set up this eStomach blog to inform you about what my taste buds witness during my travels, both good and bad. I consider myself a 'road foodie' and tend to frequent mom and pop type places, pubs, and holes-in-the-wall. I rarely do any fine dining as I don't believe in spending hundreds of dollars for dinner. In this blog you'll find that most of the places I'll be reporting on serve food with no fills and will more than likely have napkin dispensers on the tables. Some may not even have tables, I wouldn't have it any other way.

I will try and post whenever I can in order to let you know what's what locally and abroad. I'll even post my own successes and failures as I toil away in the kitchen. I believe we're our own toughest critic, so I'll be just as hard on my food as the food I order away from home.

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