Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My First Attempt at Cashew Chicken

Well, I had a craving for cashew chicken this afternoon and decided I'd try my hand at making it. I found this recipe at and figured I'd give it a shot. From the reviews, I'd read that it wasn't an authentic recipe but it seemed easy enough to make so I went at it. It took me about 1/2 an hour to prepare the veggies, chicken, and prep the sauce (which I tripled). Cooking time was about 15 minutes and was pretty easy.

I made a batch of Jasmin rice to go along with cashew chicken. I think next time I will use chicken stock with the rice as I found it to be a little bland.

As it turns out, I felt it to be lacking a little something. I was worried it would be too salty but in the end I think the blandness of the rice took away from the seasoning of the sauce. I used a low sodium soy sauce as well, maybe regular soy sauce might have given it an extra kick. Next time I think I might try and use a touch of sesame oil instead of vegetable oil when frying the chicken and onions. Maybe a touch more garlic might help as well.

For a first effort it wasn't too bad.

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