Thursday, September 4, 2014

Breakfast Sausage Patties

As I mentioned in my Quarter Pound Burger post, I bought a patty press to make breakfast sausage patties. I love breakfast sausage, but, stuffing and linking can be a pain with the smaller casings so I prefer to press them. It also allows me to make english muffin sandwiches out of them, a guilty pleasure.

I use a recipe from Len Poli which is supposed to be a Jimmy Dean sausage clone. Whatever it is supposed to replicate, I love it. I am linking you to his WEBSITE for the recipe as I have not gotten permission to use it here. It's in the Breakfast Sausage section, entitled Jimmy "Deen" commercial sausage clone. I don't use the MSG or the citric acid, just my preference.

I tend to buy ground pork when I see it has a decent fat content, you need fat in sausage in order for it to have a proper texture and mouth feel, if it's too lean it will be dry and crumbly. I used to grind my own pork butts for sausage but it took me forever to bone, cube and grind them when excellent ground pork can be found at my local butcher for around $2 per pound.

Like my burger pressing technique, I use deli film, place a sheet on my digital scale, weigh out a 2.5 ounce meatball, fold the film over the top and press. I freeze the patties in my Dollar Store cylindrical storage containers and use as needed.

I preheat my pan over medium heat and then sear the patties, if you start in a cold pan the patties will dry out before they get a good sear.

Here's a shot of my last attempt alongside some hash browns made from leftover russett potatoes I baked the night before. Ok, I lied, I also use processed cheese in my sausage muffin sandwiches. Sue me.

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Gateaux Montreal said...

Made as written, except I used ground pork. This tasted great! Not too sweet or salty. Thanks ;)