Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Alnoor Kebab & Sweets - Beef Kebab

I recently stopped by Alnoor Kebab (44 Harwood Avenue South) in Ajax based on some reviews from a Halal food website. I have driven past many times but never stopped in. Actually, it's in the same plaza as Pita Delites which I reviewed a while back.

Stepping in I kind of wanted to back right out. There were things piled all over the counters where food is prepared, boxes and trays, business cards, newspapers, Terry Fox sign up forms (which was held 2 months ago), cds, greasy print outs of their specials, even the sound system. ..... None of this should be out in the open, keep it in back out of the way.

As I stepped in I was greeted by a man who stepped out from the kitchen area. He seemed very friendly and let me look over the menu until I made up my mind. I chose a beef kebab on naan bread ($5.75). I was informed it would take 10 minutes.

As I waited I looked around wondering what I'd say if I was a food inspector. I actually looked around on the counters to see if I could spy an insect. I couldn't. I might sound harsh (Alnoor has only received passes by Dinesafe in the past two years) it's just clutter should not be stored in the open.

It's a shame, the seating area seemed nice enough although there were more cds and newspapers on the tables.

Once my kebab was prepared I was asked if I would like hot sauce on it, I agreed, I also asked for some yogurt sauce. Surrounding the beef was lettuce and onion.

I ran out and got to tasting, curry, perhaps cumin, cardamom  and ginger seemed to be the dominant flavours. The hot sauce packed some real heat, my mouth tingled for quite a while afterward. Unfortunately the beef itself was dry, so dry it tasted like it was packed with filler. The naan itself seemed fresh and homemade, there were charred bits stuck to it, remnants from the tandoor, a good sign. I was happy with it.

Overall it had a nice flavour, the naan was pretty darned good, the texture of the meat was off putting. Combined with the clutter all over the serving counters, I'm not in any real rush to head back.

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