Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ted's Hot Dogs

In the USA the hot dog is king. There are even regional diversities and preparation styles devoted to this humble meat product. I love that there are restaurants dedicated to the hot dog in nearly every city in the states. I can really only think of one restaurant in Toronto that specializes in hot dogs....

Anyway, Ted's Hot Dogs was on the menu during my last stay in Buffalo. Ted's uses Sahlen's wieners, a local product similar to a European wiener found in butcher shops in Toronto. Some might find them to be an acquired taste, I really like them.

The neat thing about Ted's is that they use real hardwood charcoal to cook their dogs, walking into the restaurant it actually smells like someone's having a BBQ out in their back yard.

When cooked, the dogs get a nice bit of char on them and the skins split, making the dogs easy to bite through. Condiments are typical, relish, ketchup, mustard, onions, pickle. Ted's does have a spicy relish/hot sauce I added to mine to give it a peppery kick.

Their fries seem to be of the frozen variety but arrive nice and crispy without being overly dark. Their onion rings are almost onion straw-like, lightly battered yet very crisp. My only complaint with the rings is that their batter/flour could use more seasoning....

Ted's is pretty reasonable as well, lunch for 2 was just over $11.


Davwud said...

We tried this last summer and were thoroughly underwhelmed.


eStomach said...

Point taken Davwud. The fries are prefab, the onion rings (straws?) need seasoning. Both need help.

I enjoyed the dogs and they have become a favourite of mine. I am not always a huge fan Nathan's or Hebrew National's ballpark franks. The European style weiner works for me.